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Mothers and baby buggies- Mark 2!

January 18, 2017

Today a Court in the UK has ruled that mothers with baby buggies must give up space to wheelchair users on buses. In my opinion, a great decision and the ruling should be expanded to other areas of life.

I have for a long time been concerned about how mothers with baby buggies are becoming more exasperating by the day. From, amongst other things, trying to use the buggy to stop traffic, trying to place a monopoly on car park spaces and claiming right of way for direction of travel on a foot path even though the path is wide enough to accommodate several people, the sense of entitlement is bewildering and worrying. I know that not all mothers are like this but the experience of the wheelchair user who could not get on a bus because the mother with a buggy refused to offer up space appears to be a snap shot of the changes in Society where personal rights/self style entitlements seems to be skewed towards the ridiculous.

My gym for example has designated spaces for mothers with children between 09.00 and 17.00 daily. I was in the gym one morning at 06.45 and parked in one of ‘those’ spaces. I returned to my car at 09.05 and was given the most filthy look and a load of muttering from one of these mothers. My question was that why did I have to put up with that experience when I pay full wack to use the gym and dare I say, probably pay a much higher subscription to use the gym at any time compared to this individual who would only use the gym at off-peak times. I must say I was totally miffed but decided to bite my tongue. I guess she thought she was entitled to say something just because she had a child in a buggy! Surely it could not be all down to manners (or lack of) but understanding that the spaces provided are discretionary and not enforceable by law! Mothers and buggies ought to be aware of this and understand that being pregnant if not being ill, having a baby in a buggies does not make then disabled or incapable and having a baby does not mean that they automatically lose sight of what is right and wrong!


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