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Free speech!

June 24, 2015

I was involved in a mini discussion a few days ago, it was a normal discussion amongst colleagues but unbeknown to me I had been dragged into an argument about the right or wrongs of a particular treatment approach for a client; it became rather heated at one point.  Upon reflection I came to the conclusion that we were all right in our views because even though we approached the problem from different angles the outcome would be the same.

This kind of argument is considered ‘normal’ in my profession but I realised that some of the comments made were a bit harsh to the point of being rather rude. I asked myself if the individuals concerned would only accept the ideas put forward by the other and consider it be free speech if that point of view was agreeable to the other. Dare I say that I can just imagine the results of the heated discussion brewing over into professional politics. I’ll keep you posted if there are any developments!

I cannot help but be a bit controversial here and say the same can be said on the issue of climate change and in our case in the UK, the European Union. Now I do not say that global warming does not exist but the spurious arguments banded around does not in my opinion help the cause but only an entrenchment of views. Frankly speaking it’s happening and the question ought to be; What are we going to do about it without rely on another country to either make the first move or stifle their developement to appease others? Similarly the European Union thing is descending into a farce because I for one do not know enough about it and can  no longer trust those that know to have a sensible debate that could inform me of the right decision to make. Over the coming months I fear that there will be mud-slinging from both sides of the argument; one side talking about cheap holidays etc and the other about immigration etc.! God help us, I need a paracetamol just thinking about it!! At the end of the day is there a link between creating a trading cartel to exclude the developing world and poverty, a cause of mass economic migration? Just a thought!


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