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BA. To fly or not to fly…………..What’s the answer?

September 1, 2014

I have just returned to work after the one and only proper break I get each year and feel like I never went away. In fact I am already looking forward to my annual holiday in August 2015!

My holiday usually gets started when I have parked the car at the airport long stay car park when I begin to afford myself the luxury of slowly switching off my little grey cells and just following instructions. This year I actually decided to pay for a premium service to get us through the usually labourious securtiy checks etc; I was feeling really good by the time my wife and I got through to the departure lounge at Gatwick airport and looked at the flight board for the gate number of our flight to Bermuda. My heart raced a little faster as it showed the expected take off time correct as we were led to believe.

Then the problems started….
The flight time started to change as if by the actions of a poltergeist, firstly to a later hour, then to another and then for a further hour. It was scheduled to be flying out 3 hours later than we were told at this point. Off I go to the main information desk to find out what was happening only to be told that there was a technical fault; we were each given a £10 food voucher. 2 hours later I go back to the desk to ask why a further delay had been shown on the board only to be told that the technical fault could not be fixed and that a replacement aircraft was on its way from Heathrow. A further hour and we were told the replacement flight was delayed because of bad weather at Heathrow?!?- Anybody know the distance between Heathrow to Gatwick? The way they were saying it suggested they were in completely different time zones! Anyway by this time everyone due on the flight is getting rather annoyed, mainly because the inconvenience was not big enough for the BA duty Manger to come and tell us what was happening. She eventually did but gave us a completely different account of what was happening to whch we were led to believe by the informaton desk. By the way in the midst of all this I enquired why it was left to the passengers to find out what was happening rather than BA making announcements…………….I was told that BA does not do that sort of thing! can you believe that? We were then given another £10 food voucher each and asked to keep an eye on the flight board. Great!!

We eventually got away 6 hours later than scheduled. My wife and I (and several other people) had sat in the departure lounge for over 7 hours!!

We lost half a day of our holiday, had a cramped flight, made me rather irritable all holiday and worst of all made me feel jaded at the start of what is supposed to be a new working year………..Just fantastic!! So the question is ‘BA; Fly or not fly? What is the answer?’


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