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Buggies and children!

July 24, 2014

Is it just me or am I missing something?

The number of mothers using children in push buggies to stop the traffic. Driving home from work, on a number of occasions (with increasing frequency) I notice some mothers trying cross the road with a child in a buggy literally inches from the passing traffic…………its scary, very scary! I hate to think how many children are going to grow up with a recurring dream of machines passing at speed in front of their faces.

Is this a lack of awareness or ‘I don’t particularly care’ attitude? What I do assume is that the children concerned have no say in it. I don’t mean to have a go at anyone but surely its a matter of common sense not to put a child in danger. Maybe I am getting too old and not moved on with the times, I don’t know but if I was sitting in a buggy like that I would be absolutely petrified. To make things worse sometimes the mothers are actually speaking on a mobile phone at the same time! Now, I do not want to see similar rules as those for driving and using a hand held device but surely pushing a buggy without due care and attention deserves consideration don’t you think?


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