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Shopping and the spread of germs!

March 27, 2014

I have become increasingly disturbed by my shopping experiences………….not that I do a lot as it is one of my pet hates. Anyway I was in a well known branded store, had collected my food items and proceeded to the checkout to depart with some hard earned cash. The initial part of the transaction went very well and I was thinking ‘ wow, great efficiency’. The checkout lady actually asked me if I wanted some bags and offered to put the purchased items of food in them. What followed next was what I can describe as a scene from a horror show in slow motion. Now, I am not an over the top clean person but what I do object to is taking someone else’s germs home. The checkout lady proceeded to lick her fingers……yes, lick her fingers, you know, like she has just finished eating a kebab, and then picked up my food items and placed them in the bag!! At that point I am thinking ‘OMG!!’, I am going to put some else’s dry saliva (it would have dried before I got home) into my fridge. I, of course declined to take the items home and swapped them for new items and checked my self out with the self checkout facility! With flu and other transmittable diseases what a way to spread an epidemic!?!?! You guys had the norovirus yet?

If the supermarket wanted to force people to check out their own shopping what a great way of doing it? I cannot understand why the checkout ladies/gentlemen cannot be provided with a moist sponge, you know like the ones we used to find on post office counters. Saves a lot of bother and most certainly will make me personally feel more comfortable next time I am eating a loose pear from the fruit basket!


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