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Colleagues giving freebies

February 5, 2014

Hi……..was I missed? Its been a long while since I posted my last blog. Its been very busy lately but one thing that continues to stick in the back of my throat is the way in which generic exercise sheets are being dished out like sweets by General Practitioners and the misguided help they get from my colleagues who devise the so called exercise sheets! The problem has always been that as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist it is frustrating to not only be referred a patient whose problem has become chronic because of the ‘try these exercise first and if it does not work we’ll refer you to the Physio’ routine but also find out the belief system of the patients has been altered by the delay and the increased discomfort caused by that delay. In other words, they are upset and ‘cranky’ because of the pain/discomfort and irritated if the pace of outcome does not match their expectations which have become over exaggerated.I am not aware of any other profession that would devise self help manuals to prevent/reduce proper access to skilled personnel/clinicians and I certainly don’t know of any GP in particular who would devise a general leaflet on remedies for ailments. That’s right, they will not do this because of the fear of litigation! What’s different for Physiotherapists; we do have autonomy of practice and exercise is not the panacea for all problems!! Its about time we as Physiotherapists stopped believing that we are doing everyone a favour by developing and aiding in the distribution of these silly leaflets and started to take back control of what we do best- restoring human movement or are we saying that our clinical diagnosis is not relevant? As it is most medical diagnoses are not 100% correct; a testimony I can hear most MSK Physiotherapists agreeing to! It’s about time we got a grip!


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