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Low back pain

April 10, 2013

I hate to admit this but I am just about getting over a severe attack of low back pain; yes I hear you say the usual jokes like ‘I know a good Physio’, ‘How can a Physio have a bad back?’ etc. Well we are human too and cannot be exempt from the trials and tribulations of a horrible discomfort.
I was due to go to a function last Saturday afternoon and recognised the fact that my car was absolutely filthy having avoided any clean water for near on 5 months. So I do what anybody would do and decide to wash my car, however, it’s bad form not to wash the wife’s car as well and of course first. So this I did. Now everything was going perfectly well until I bent down to pick up the hose reel to move it over towards my car having finished washing my wife’s, then bang, I got stuck in the bent position. I hobbled over to my car and there I was lent over my car for 45 minutes before I could actually move. My wife was in the house out of earshot, my daughter, home from University for the Easter break was upstairs in her bedroom and I had left my mobile phone in the Kitchen! What an experience. Every time I tried to move I experienced an excruciating bout of muscle spasm that drew my breath. So there I was practicing my breathing techniques and trying to gentle move my spine with gentle pelvic thrusts in different directions and simultaneously praying that nobody would look into my drive for fear of wondering if I had finally lost my marbles and was getting acquainted with my car! Finally I was rescued by my daughter who wanted to know if I would like a drink! The good thing is that I was able to finish washing my car, attended the afternoon function and was back to work treating patients on the Monday! I guess I was lucky because I knew how to maintain movement in the back and avoid a protracted period of ‘disability’. It is this knowledge that I believe that the public should have in order to manage their backs rather than the bog standard/generic handling and lifting protocols that do not suit every individual in every work/home situation.
Another valuable lesson I learnt was that to lose concentration during a task can be perilous! I shall not be doing that again for sure.


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