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March 4, 2013

Read the news yesterday to discover that the Queen has had a bout of gastroenteritis. The news was followed up by the BBC today informing us that Her Majesty has been admitted to hospital and in the usual BBC fashion has plugged the airwaves with items of news explaining what it is and why it is so contagious; bringing in experts to create further scare ‘stories’ to report on!
All this got me thinking about one of the reasons why I detest shopping nowadays! Hear me out, it’s not off topic!………One of the reasons for the spread of gastroenteritis is poor hygiene right? Ask yourself what happens if you, like me have been asked at the checkout if you want a bag for your goods. I made the mistake once of saying yes and the person on the checkout promptly decided to lick her fingers to ‘separate’ the bag from the rest before passing me the bag to put my groceries in…………now do you see what I mean? I promptly refused the bag and have since then become very aware of how this practice is so prevalent within our food outlets. I shudder at the thought that I do not need to play tonsil hockey with someone to take some unwanted ‘visitor’ home with me and place it in my fridge! Call me ‘picky’ if you wish but surely something needs to be done!


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