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Health Management Company

February 26, 2013

Oh Boy! Had an interesting end to the day last evening; a private client came to see me after being referred by his GP for emergency treatment. He has private medical insurance. Saw him and asked him to get his authorisation code from his Insurance company as per normal procedure and bring it with him to the next session. He arrived for the next session; suitably impressed by the outcome of the previous treatment and wanted to continue treatment but was told that he could not see me as I was not on a ‘preferred list’ of Therapists! I cannot explain how angry I was as I have been registered with this particular Insurance company since the mid 80’s! Anyway a phone call later; it transpired that the client’s company had taken out a contract with a Health Management Company which supposedly streamlines care for their employees. Now here is what bothers me, the middle man creams off a profit suppressing the true cost of provision by circumventing the market rates for Physiotherapy treatment! I am not happy!!!!!!!! Companies like this have no right to determine who can see patients. They certainly did not pay for my training or CPD or made any meaningful contribution to it. It is one to be taken up by our professional body- Rant over!?!


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